Custom Content

Custom Tailored Content

At Data Call, we look at custom content as the most important element to any digital signage solution.

Whether your business is looking for news, weather, sports, or entertainment content, we provide a host of syndicated and licensed content for you to choose from.

Your digital signage is an extension of your brand. It represents who and what you stand for.

A lack of customized content can cause your audience to disengage from your message. We want to prevent that. Our aggregated content is designed to speak to your audience with information they care about. 

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We are also firm believers that customized content is what produces a valuable ROI.

To deliver truly customized products, we first get to know you and your company. This in turn helps us build a picture of who your audience is. Once we have that, we know precisely what type of content they’ll respond best to. The result is licensed content that is fully tailored to your business and customers. 

Over 15 years of experience creating outstanding content.

Content will always be a Key Element to Successful Signage

Not every product or piece of content will perfectly fit every business.

That’s why we take a different approach. We focus on you and your business first. Next, we provide the highest quality sourced content available so you can engage your end user quickly. 

Robotic customer service isn’t our thing.

We prefer flexible, communicative, and result producing solutions to help your business expand. Quality custom content is the only way to achieve that goal. 

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How It Works

The first step towards securing killer syndicated content is giving us a quick call.


We’ll discuss your needs and go over what type of content we should aggregate for you.


Next, we’ll create digital signage that aligns with your goals.


Finally, we’ll keep in contact with you to see how the content is working out, what type of ROI you’ve seen, and discuss if changes need to be made.

We sort through the noise so you don’t have to.

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Selecting Content That Works

We use countless years of experience to pinpoint content that works.

We study your audience so we know what they’ll respond to, and what they won’t. When you choose us, you can tap into this unlimited resource of knowledge and industry expertise to guarantee your custom content has the desired effect. 

Advertising and the world of digital content isn’t cut and dry.

There are millions of variables that can create challenges and millions of others that can engage your audience.

Our strategic, yet flexible, approach to digital signage empowers your brand to connect with your audience immediately.

Few companies can hold out that promise, but we know we can because we’ve successfully done so time and again.

Is Customized Content Right for You?

The answer is yes.

Customers aren’t one-dimensional, and neither should your digital signage
be. They demand up-to-date technology, striking graphics, and engaging content.

We give your audience what they want.

Cookie cutter content won’t cut it. Customizing your content to suit their desires, concerns, and needs is the only way to successfully interact with them.

Data Call helps you do precisely that. 

Contact us today to learn more about our custom signage content service. We look forward to hearing from you!

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