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  • The Madness – NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball Championship 2017

    The Madness – NCAA Division 1 Mens

    NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball Championship 2017 is ready for your networks, both Portrait and Landscape   Rounds 1 & 2 View…

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  • HD Quote of the Day

    HD Quote of the Day

    Inspirational and motivating quotes with stunning HD photography Quotes by famous people from all parts of the world. Provided as…

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  • Travel Video

    Travel Video

    Travel The World. Incredible footage from around the world. High Def images of stunning places on the planet. Still images…

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  • Did you Know?

    Did you Know?

    Healthy Life These videos contain health information presented in a quick, fun method. Hundreds of facts about the human body,…

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  • Healthy Workforce

    Healthy Workforce

    Think Healthy! Issued weekly and updated often, these short clips are an excellent way to promote healthy lifestyle in your…

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  • Wellness Top 10s

    Wellness Top 10s

    Learn about health in a fun and engaging way. Similar to a Top 10 Countdown, visually learn about interesting and…

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  • Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating

    Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring! Data Call uses quick, actionable information done in a very entertaining way to…

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  • Summary News – RSS

    Summary News – RSS

    Headline News As It Happens. News Categories Available: Top, General, US, International, Business, Political, Entertainment, Health, Science, Technology, Strange, Soft…

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  • World News Video

    World News Video

    Updated daily with Global News Stories for AP

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  • History Minute

    History Minute

    History Minute Associated Press feeds your audience with knowledge of historical events that happened on this day. Audio Required

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  • Showbiz Minute

    Showbiz Minute

    That's showbiz... Showbiz Minute is made available Monday through Friday from AP’s video news gathering infrastructure that uses mobile satellite…

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  • Sports Sidebar

    Sports Sidebar

    Sports As it Happens Daily schedules for all major sporting events, college and professional, with detailed in-game updates live as…

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  • Sports Scores and Statistics

    Sports Scores and Statistics

    Game On! Daily schedules for all major sporting events, college and professional, with in-game updates as they happen. Sports lines…

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  • Live Traffic Data

    Live Traffic Data

    Traffic Info Traffic maps provide a visual presentation of road conditions by color for all the major metropolitan areas across…

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  • Portfolio Data

    Portfolio Data

    Customize your Tickers - Track and Display only the stock symbols that are important to you. Data Updated every 30 minutes…

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  • Portfolio Media

    Portfolio Media

    Charts, Charts, Charts Portfolio Media allows you to display portfolio data in a visually appealing graphic with a one year…

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  • Market Data

    Market Data

    Financial Content Our financial data includes a portion of the global financial indicators, NYSE major winners, losers and most active…

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  • Trivia


    Trivia Is Fun! Trivia is a great way to stimulate active thinking. Multiple Choice Questions, Correct Answer and a snippet…

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  • This Date in History

    This Date in History

    History Is Always Interesting . Each item provides a short list of interesting events that occurred on the current date.…

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  • Quote of the Day

    Quote of the Day

    Daily Quotes Quote of the Day provides an interesting quote from a host of famous figures in History and present…

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  • Born on this Date

    Born on this Date

    Born on This Date Displaying a host of important figures that were born on the date the slide is displayed.…

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  • Astrology


    Daily Horosope It is believed that Astrology can give us a glimpse of a person's basic characteristics, preferences, flaws and…

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  • Above the Fold

    Above the Fold

    Headline News As It Happens Above The Fold combines news stories and images provided by Associated Press in this full…

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  • Captioned Photos

    Captioned Photos

    No Audio? No Problem. When all you need is a striking photo to grab your audience. Our Captioned Photo lineup…

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  • Full Article News – XML

    Full Article News – XML

    US and global headlines continuously updated 24-hours a day. Breaking news delivered as it happens. With or without Images.  …

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  • Doppler Radar

    Doppler Radar

    Be alert with local doppler maps Local doppler images using either a Zip Code or Airport ICAO code. Data Call…

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  • Weather Slides

    Weather Slides

    Weather Visual . Weather Slides for up to date weather information - full screen use Available in 18HR, 24Hr and…

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  • News Minute

    News Minute

    Quick and to the Point The AP News Minute delivers Headline News Video content updating twice per day – one…

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