Time to Kick Off the Football Season with Data Call

Football Season Kick off! at Data Call

Bring the eyes to your Digital Signage Network with our DLMedia NFL Module.

Data Call's new NFL Sports Module provides:

  • Schedules
  • Odds
  • TV coverage availability
  • Weather forecast before the game

When the games begin, your players will begin populating with Updated Scores and important information that your audience needs.

Engage your sports fans. Compliment your NFL module with a Syndicated Sports Headline Module with DLMedia. All news modules come complete with great images from straight XML to playlist-ready produced slides.

Syndicated information provided by Data Call includes news, weather, sports, financial data, and much more. We offer relevant images to go along with our headline news items, Doppler radar, and traffic maps. Infotainment is broadcasted material that is both informative and entertaining. Our Infotainment is constantly updated with timely and significant information in this growing market because people want to know, and they want to know now! Data Call can give you that readily and rapidly changing information.

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Rely on Data Call with our 12+ years of DS Industry specific experience. We provide licensed information from the leaders of news, weather, sports, financial data and more. By using these trusted leaders, we also provide an objective viewpoint.

Some Digital Signage operators have in the past chosen to "scrape" RSS feeds and such from the Internet in a misguided attempt at dynamic content management. However, many blogs and web pages on the internet are seasoned with biased views and ideas, not to mention sudden changes in format that can bring your network down without warning.

Being the pioneer of Syndicated Digital Signage content aggregation, we know that our customers do not want to have to filter through that "noise" to get to what they really want - facts. You want facts that are licensed and formatted for rebroadcast.

Above The Fold

Playlist Ready Products - Our "Above The Fold" product shown above is available as high-definition images delivered via MRSS or HTML. This product is available in all our "News" Categories. Contact sales for more info


Captioned Images

We can provide captioned images ready to go via MRSS or HTML, or you can subscribe to our "XML with images package" to build your own presentations with our dynamic content. We've got it all...!