Market Data

Financial Content

Our financial data includes a portion of the global financial indicators, NYSE major winners, losers and most active symbols, as well as currency, metal and energy data. Ask about utilizing our custom portfolio where you can mix and match tickers. You’re the producer. Be creative…

Market Fixed Feed

      • Dow Jones Industrial Average*
      • Nasdaq Composite*
      • Standard & Poors 500 Composite*
      • AMEX Composite*
      • NYSE Winners (20 symbols)
      • NYSE Losers (20 symbols)
      • NYSE Most Actives (20 symbols)
      • TSX Completion Index
      • S&P/TSX 60 Index

Currency Fixed Feed (All other currencies Available in Portfolio)

      • EUR/USD – Spot
      • USD/CAD – Spot
      • USD/GBP – Spot
      • USD/JPY – Spot

Energy Fixed Feed

      • WTI Crude Oil – Near Term $/barrel [NYMEX]
      • RBOB Gasoline – Near Term Future $/gal [NYMEX]
      • NY Harbor Heating Oil – Near Term Future $/gal [NYMEX]
      • Natural Gas – Next Month – MMBtu Henry Hub [NYMEX]
      • Propane - Near Term $/Gallon [NYMEX]

Precious Metal Fixed Feed (Other Commodities Available in Portfolio)

      • Spot Gold Price $/ounce
      • Spot Silver Price $/ounce
      • Copper, High Grade, cents/lb – COMEX*
      • Spot Palladium Price $/ounce
      • Spot Platinum Price $/ounce

Rates and Bonds Fixed Feed

      • 1-Year Constant Maturity Yield
      • U.S. Federal Reserve Prime Rate
      • Treasury Bond 2-year
      • Treasury Bond 5-year
      • Treasury Bond 10-year
      • Treasury Bond 30-year
      • Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index

* End of Day Quote.